Welcome to the "Dover Beaches" of Toms River!

Believe it or not (if you live in Toms River, you already know this), Toms River Township extends across the Barnegat Bay, onto the barrier island, and contains the "Dover Beaches" we commonly refer to as; Ortley Beach, Normandy Beach, Chadwick Beach and all of the Ocean Beaches (1,2 & 3).

Nestled between Seaside Heights, to the south, and Mantoloking, to the north, this stretch of sand is book-ended by the Atlantic Ocean and the Barnegat Bay, and interrupted only by the Borough of Lavalette.  Here you will find the quintessential "Shore Home" mix (for the time being); cottages, bungalows, Bayside/Bayfront Estates and Oceanside/Oceanfront Estates.

Superstorm Sandy ravaged this area in October of 2012 and out of the debris of that disaster, a stronger "Jersey Shore" is being re-built!  Sure, if you take a drive up and/or down Route 35, you will still see the old cottages and bungalows, but you will also notice all the NEW CONSTRUCTION (elevated).  It is reminiscent of the "Emerald Coast" of North Carolina!

Make no mistake about it; the Jersey Shore is coming back strong.  We still have a long way to go but progress is picking up steam and the Dover Beaches will be better and stronger, thanks to the storm.The BIG question is; when do you want in, the beginning or the end of the re-build?

What and where are the "Dover Beaches"?

  1. Ortley Beach
  2. Normandy Beach
  3. Chadwick Beach
  4. The Ocean Beaches (1,2 & 3)

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