Welcome to the East Dover section of Toms River

The East Dover section of Toms River, NJ, is arguably the largest and most diverse section of town, as it comprises most of Toms River's waterfront communities, as well as a wide range of residential single family homes and town-homes. Geographically, the East Dover section of Toms River runs "east" from Hooper Ave, north along Route 37, staying south of Fischer Blvd, until it reaches the shores of the Barnegat Bay.

For simplicities sake, please visit the "Waterfront" section of our website, if you are looking for a waterfront home in the East Dover section of Toms River.

There is something for everybody in the "East Dover" section of Toms River!  From the abundance of "beginner" housing to the Bayfront Beauties lining the Barnegat Bay, East Dover has the most variety available.  So, there is a house for every budget and a home for every family.

Aside from it's wide variety of housing, East Dover is also the closest location to our area's beaches; both Bay Beaches and Oceanside too.  Typically, a 5 to 15 minute drive has your toes in the sand and/or your kids in the water (traffic depending of course)!

The "Top 5" Neighborhoods (Non-Waterfront) in East Dover (according to Jim):

    1. Heritage Hills
    2. Twin Oaks
    3. Brookside
    4. Georgetown
    5. Fairview Estates

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