Welcome to the North Dover Section of Toms River!

What was once the home to many the chicken coop and the occasional farm, is now the domain of the Luxury Estate and/or the "McMansion".  The North Dover section of Toms River has seen the most development in recent years, with it's one acre and half acre zoning attracting the "upwardly mobile" homeowner.

Many local residents have forsaken their proximity to our area's beaches for the privacy and seclusion available in the "North Dover" section of Toms River.  Of course, they buy homes with pools or have them installed but the size of their lots affords them this privilege.

The size of the lots/land is not the only draw of North Dover,  The size of the average home found here exceeds that of the average home found in Toms River proper.  "More" comes with a higher price tag, which is why the "richest" concentration of "higher end" homes is found here.

The "Top 5" Neighborhoods in North Dover (according to Jim):

  1. Bey Brook Estates
  2. The Landings
  3. Tallymawr
  4. The Grande Woodlands (1 & 2)
  5. Todd Road Estates


North Dover's Newest Listings!