Selling Your House in Toms River

Seriously considering selling your home in Toms River, NJ?  The first thing to understand is the difference between a "house" and a "home".  A house is a commodity, much like stock and retail goods.  A home is an experience, feeling and/or an environment.  

The "First Rule" of real estate marketing; you buy a home but you sell a house.

Got it?  Good!

The next thing to understand is the price of any commodity (including your house) is determined by the market for that commodity.  This is commonly referred to as the "Law of Supply & Demand".  The more demand there is for a house in Toms River, the more your house is worth.  Conversely, the more supply of houses for sale in Toms River, the less your house is worth.

The "Second Rule" real estate marketing; the market determines the price (of your house).

Got it?  Good!

If you would like an "Automated Valuation"  for your house in Toms River, this website uses an algorithm (much like a Zestimate).  For the most accurate analysis of your house, we really need to see it (inside and out).  Just CLICK on the link below and follow the directions:

Now that we understand how pricing works, let's discuss marketing...

Selling a house in Toms River, NJ, or anywhere for that matter, is a combination of pricing and exposure.  No amount of marketing will help sell an overpriced listing.  But, under-pricing a listing eliminates the need for any marketing.  And so, the fine art of marketing a home for sale becomes a balancing act of proper pricing and proper marketing.

What is "proper marketing"? 

It's 2016.  Newspapers and magazines are disappearing faster than the polar ice-caps!  Print is dead and so are the real estate agents and brokers who still use it (some just don't know it yet).

Mobile is where it is at!  Are you looking at this website on your phone or tablet?  How many times a day do you use your phone to search the web, use social media (including watching video) and read/check email?  Notice, we didn't even mention texting (SMS) until now?

"Proper Marketing" means EXPOSING your listing to the most likely people to buy it, through the medium they are most likely to use.  Recent real estate studies consistently show that over 90% of homebuyers use the internet to search for a home and over 80% of all homebuyers use a real estate agent to purchase their home.

The Flanagan Selling System

What makes Coldwell Banker Flanagan Realty more effective at selling houses in Toms River, NJ?  We understand the science of "multi-channel internet marketing". We also know that all the science and marketing in the world is useless if you don't know who your target buyer is.  That is why we created the "Flanagan Selling System".  CLICK the LINK below to get your copy!

The Flanagan Selling System