Welcome to the Village of Toms River!

The Village of Toms River, also known as "Downtown" Toms River and/or the "Country Club" area, is home to some of the premier real estate in town.  Here you will find a wide variety of home styles ranging from scenic riverfront estates, to historic Victorians, to town-homes (both waterfront and non-waterfront) and even your entry level rancher.

Check Out this Video Introduction to the Village of Toms River, courtesy of Lypowy Studio:


The Village of Toms River today.

The Village of Toms River today is evolving.  Downtown Toms River is experiencing an economic "Renaissance" as top notch restaurants move in and seasonal festivities and events are held.  Huddy Park, itself, is scheduled for a facelift in the very near future!

The residential areas surrounding the downtown business district have, themselves, enjoyed a rebirth of popularity, fueled by the desire to own homes in the Toms River High School South District.  Don't fear too much, there is still opportunity available for first time home-buyers in Hickory Manor and Point O' Woods, through "move up" buyers in the "Country Club" section, through the luxury "Riverfront" buyer in Cranmoor and Haines Cove.

Top 5 Neighborhoods in the Village of Toms River (According to Jim):

  1. The Cranmoor/Haines Cover Area
  2. The Country Club Area
  3. Hemlock Hill Estates
  4. Hickory Manor
  5. Point O' Woods

Newest Listings in the Village of Toms River!